To keep the cost of education low, most students rent their textbooks. With our unique subscription program, all students pay the same flat-rate per credit hour and receive all of their required course materials as a semester rental. This model provides course materials to students at well below the national average cost while also allowing them to receive their course materials in the format they prefer (e-book or physical). This levels the playing field, allowing students to pay for their course materials as they pay for their tuition and does not force them into electronic materials when they are not ready.

We have a longstanding relationship established with VitalSource, a leader in digital content delivery. As the textbook industry continues to embrace IA, we are poised and ready to deliver this model to our clients. A transition to BBA Corp would be seamless in this regard as our integration mechanisms are already in place to ensure your students will continue to receive their course materials in a manner they are accustomed to.

With this program: ​


Students have course materials on day one of classes


Faculty retain their academic freedom with no adoption restrictions


Students save a significant amount of money on course materials


Colleges see increased student success and increased financial return




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