At BBA Corp, we are passionate about saving students money. Whether that be from savings on course materials or spirit wear, we are committed to addressing college affordability. We utilize the latest technology in our POS and e-commerce platform as well as carry a diverse merchandise catalog to excite your campus community no matter their budget. Combine this with our state-of-the-art course materials delivery and you have your ideal bookstore partner! 


Building your store program is not a simple task. Each segment of your campus population has unique needs, so it's important that your chosen partner takes the time to understand those needs and create the perfect fit for you. We promise to deliver outstanding retail experiences, excellent customer service, and continuous innovation, all geared toward meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Why Choose BBA Corp?



Two key factors in a successful retail operation are management and assortment. Training is important in creating strong leadership and BBA enables managers to make day-to-day decisions that are best for their business. We understand the importance of customer service and we treat each customer as our guest. Even our guests that shop outside of the store experience a state-of-the-art e-commerce experience delivered by our proprietary POS system that is backed by Google. 



We have a large portfolio of more than 350 suppliers who work with several licensees to ensure a range of products and pricing. We also love to source local merchandise unique to the campus community! And don’t worry – we didn’t forget about licensing capabilities. We know this is an important part of the business model and will work with appropriate campus departments to achieve your goals through your approved vendors.  Our corporate buyers know the markets we serve and are in constant search for the latest merchandise, hottest trends, newest products, and best vendors to entice your fans before the season begins. 



All our stores come with our robust e-commerce site to allow students, faculty, alumni, staff, and fans to order from anywhere, anytime! 

Not all students want to come inside the store to get their course materials and fan wear. Therefore, we offer all of our textbooks for order online. By navigating to the e-commerce site, the student can:

  • Pre-order/reserve their textbooks (textbook reservation service)

  • Pay with financial aid (financial aid integration)

  • Order their books and ship to home address


When we have the privilege of serving a university, we realize we are serving technologically savvy students. Students need easy access to their course materials, which is why we deliver LMS and registration integration. This allows students to jump online and reserve their course materials at the same time they register, saving them valuable time and money, and ensuring they have their course materials on the first day of class. By integrating with the LMS, we can deliver all our e-books and Inclusive Access course materials directly to the students in a platform they are already familiar with and utilize daily.




We have a longstanding relationship established with VitalSource, a leader in digital content delivery. As the textbook industry continues to embrace IA, we are poised and ready to deliver this model to our clients. A transition to BBA Corp would be seamless in this regard as our integration mechanisms are already in place to ensure your students will continue to receive their course materials in a manner they are accustomed to.

Read more about our "All In" Textbook Program


Our textbook adoption process is conducted through the robust platform, Verba Collect. This service allows faculty and staff to easily enter adoptions, and approve adoptions that other staff members enter. Additionally, this tool allows the user to copy adoptions from previous terms and research other course materials commonly used nationwide. Consistent with our commitment to address college affordability, each book that is adopted is given an affordability score, enticing faculty to explore other options that could save students money. 



A robust buyback program is essential to a successful textbook program on any campus. We do not limit buyback to specific dates unless specifically requested by the institution. Instead, we buy books back throughout the year. This allows students to bring their textbooks back at any time that is convenient for them and receive a fair price for the book.

Not only do we buyback year-round, we also buyback well beyond what is adopted for future semesters. We use a multi-faceted, dynamic process for determining what is needed nationwide, taking into account wholesaler and online marketplace demands. 

We are proud auxiliary partners with the following institutions:

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