What's in Store

BBA Corp, we work with each customer to help them develop the right store program to best fit their unique needs. 


You've Got Mail

Combining your campus bookstore with your mail program saves precious resources and helps you regain valuable space. 

"All In"


With our unique textbook subscription program, students pay a flat-rate fee and receive course materials by the first day of classes.  



We will help you design, develop, and build state-of-the-art housing facilities that meet the needs of your students. 

What Our Customers Say:


BBA Corp has partnered with Bob Jones University since 2012. The partnership has thrived with good communication and BBA Corp's quality of service. Required textbooks are kept in stock and students are guaranteed the textbook offered for each class is correct. Registered students can access online textbook list and textbooks are both sold and rented. Competitive pricing and efficient returns add to customer satisfaction. Communication and customer service are aided by BBA Corp's year-round presence on campus. I am very pleased with our relationship with BBA Corp and I give them my highest recommendation.


Roy Hulehan, Bob Jones University 

Our creative, resourceful, and proud partners, have been our

Cal Student Store provider since 2013. During this time we have seen our sales continue to grow each year in spite of a competitive environment. In order to get students in the door, they developed innovative ways to generate sales; from a one-day Pop-Up sale to partnering with Student Union food vendors, they have demonstrated creativity and flexibility in their approach. Their management team works tirelessly to develop these revenue-generating ideas while remaining mindful of the Bay Area’s unique culture. These are just a few of the reasons we are proud to extend the contract until 2025.


Suzi Halpin, UC Berkeley




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